Polaroid ClickFree Lets Moms Back Up Photos

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Polaroid's ClickFree backup drive is supposed to let regular people back up the data on their hard drives just by plugging it into the USB port and hitting go. They plan on releasing two versions, one standard (which backs up all data on your drive) and one photo oriented (which searches and only grabs the photos).

The folks at TechieDiva don't like the latter idea because the software will probably grab all photos including Windows photos, icons, and stuff in your internet cache. Which actually may be a pretty cool idea to take this into a buddy's machine and leech out all the porn he painstakingly downloaded and organized. Who knew Travis liked furries?

Product Page [Clickfree via TechieDiva]

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Hmmm, not to be a pain, but doesn't Newegg watermark their photos to prevent people from using their photographs without permission?

Anyway, I kind of like the idea behind this drive. It doesn't say if it has USB On-The-Go, but if it does, you could use it to grab just the photos off of, say, a PSP memory card, which has videos, photos, and homebrew that you also use for a digicam.