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Polaroid's Creative Director Lady Gaga Actually Does Some Work

Illustration for article titled Polaroids Creative Director Lady Gaga Actually Does Some Work

Polaroid's Creative Director Lady Gaga (yes really) is the star of a rather lacklustre new exhibit at the MIT Museum—a Polaroid photograph of Lady Gaga. At least she dressed up for it.


And it was no ordinary Polaroid. The company's ageing 20x24 inch view camera was rolled/winched out for the job, which should mean there's a life-sized representation of Her Highness now on display at the MIT, among a larger exhibition of over 10,000 historical Polaroid items.


As part of her new brand ambassadorial duties, Gaga is said to have rolled up her sleeves and "presided over a product design and development session for future Polaroid products" with the eventual aim being to create a camera that blends "fashion, technology and photography" into one device thanks to Gaga's inherent understanding of consumer electronics.

We think that means one future Polaroid model will come with pink and yellow case options. And maybe some stickers. [PR Newswire]

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At ~17 line pairs per mm for Polaroid B&W film on average, that translates to ~1707 dpi in digital equivalent terms.

Which works out to a 34,140 x 40,968 digital image, or 1.4 gigapixels captured on 20x24 film.

I mean, that's enough pixels to make Gaga look reasonably attractive: a relative rarity under the best of circumstances.

Fuck your little digital toys: they can't even come close enough to make a comparison to analog medium and large format... maybe when digital photography is more than 100 years old, but certainly not now.