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These three worried men are members of the Australian police's bomb squad. Right now, they are trying to defuse a bomb that an intruder strapped to the neck of an 18 year old girl in Mosman, a district of Sydney.


The girl, who belongs to a very rich family in Sydney, can't move and can't remove the collar bomb in any way. If she does, the device can go off.

According to the latest report, the police are not confirming the rumor that the teenage girl is the victim of some extortion attempt. The only thing they know is that the girl is "extremely calm" after the intruder broke into her house and strapped the bomb to her neck.

NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch says that the situation is a ""very serious and sensitive matter" and they are "still treating the suspicious package as live."


Update: Australian police are now reporting that the bomb squad has successfully freed the girl, and that she is safe and unharmed.

Less certain at this time, though, is what exactly had been strapped to her neck—experts are examining the contraption now—and who put it there. The ordeal lasted eight hours in all; hopefully a full resolution won't take much longer. [Herald Sun, Telegraph via Atlantic Wire; Globe and Mail; Photo credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty]

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