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A new model of the Sonic Blaster device used around the Green Zones of both Iraq and the Republican National Convention is out and can pound out sound waves and, purportedly, undistorted human speech, for over one mile. The original model is sort of a psychological weapon, distracting the enemy into oblivion. This version, however, works more like some crazy lady screaming at a trash can on Broadway—you just have to stay away.

On Thursday, August 4th, we put the magnetic acoustic device (I'm not sure it has a name yet, so this one will have to do for now) to the test on one of our ranges... Using a variety of sounds from human voice to music to sound effects (screams, shouts, gunfire, sirens, and the like), we succeeded in listening to the sounds from the transmitter located one statue mile in the distance!


L.A. Cops' Super Sonic Blaster [DefenseTech]