Poll: Are Evil Aqua Teens or Retarded Cops to Blame?

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Is it just me, or is this Boston Aqua Teen business completely insane? How stupid are the police in Boston? And they're really going to sue Turner Broadcasting? They should sue themselves, as they're the ones that caused all of this panic. The media isn't helping anything by reporting this as a "hoax." It wasn't a hoax, it was an advertisement. They weren't trying to make it look like a bomb, which is why they make it covered in bright goddamned lights. Bombs would try to be discreet, not get people's attention and give them the finger. But it had batteries! Batteries, for the love of god! Oh, the humanity!

Am I way off base here? Is ATHF as bad as Bin Laden? Who is really to blame for the entire of city of Boston being shut down?


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