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Pomplamoose: Come Together

Beatles covers are maddeningly tricky. Stay too close to the original, and it comes off fawning. Muck around too badly, and you've desecrated a musical shrine. How do you take a song by The Greatest Rock Band Ever, Ever™ off the pedestal and safely play around with it? Befuddlingly, Pomplamoose nailed it.


Like most songs by Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, the first 30 seconds or so are frustratingly dull. Where are we going, guys? the music part of your brain begs. You worry that you're listening to the rehearsal, the take before the take where everything started to sound like actual music.

Then, surprising as all hell, things start to get into gear. The chords referenced by that plonking bassline are shifted just far enough away from the Lennon-McCartney original to jog your well-worn memory. That ain't quite right, goes the part of your ear that could recognize the original from three rooms away.


That's the magic. Aerosmith's Come Together cover put a red and black paintjob on a then-nine-year-old car and tried to pass it off as brand new. That was by design, since it was written for a movie and had to hew close to the original.

Pomplamoose's version dismantles that old reliable car and puts it back together stripped down, chopped, and bastardized, with the bumpers and grille from Hey Jude thrown on for extra weirdness. And somehow, unfathomably, despite itself, it actually works.

I'm just as perplexed as you are.

Welcome to Soundtrack, what Gizmodo's staff is listening to every night.


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Came out the same year the original was released, before it was released in fact, and it almost feels like it was written for her.