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PopSci Shows You How To Make Glass On A Grill, Begs You Not To Do It

Click to view Did you know you could make glass on a regular charcoal grill? Sure it's incredibly flamey and pretty dangerous, but according to the folks at Pop Sci, it's possible! All you need to do is add washing soda, lime or borax to white-silica beach sand and a grill overclocked to reach temperatures of 2000°F. Check out Theodore Gray feeding a concoction of silica and washing room regulars into a cast-iron pot over a flaming grill and getting two pretty medallions out of it. Try to resist doing this at home afterwards. [Popsci]


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My Dad has recently gotten into BBQ. I think I can convince him that this is a good idea, somewhat along the lines of smoking salmon, no?

Honestly, I've always wondered about this one. Cheers to Popsci.

Next on "Time Warp"......