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Feeling all smug, snug and secure because you have antivirus software running on that PC of yours? Think again. Graham Ingram, the general manager of Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team says the most popular antivirus applications are about as impregnable as a screen door in a submarine, letting 80% of the creepy crawlies through.


Ingram didn't mention them by name, but the three leading antivirus applications are Symantec with 53.6% of the market, McAfee with 18.8%, and Trend Micro with 13.8%. On the other hand, one antivirus package he did mention by name was the Russian application Kaspersky, which he said blocks of 90% of viruses and Trojans.

There was also no mention of the performance hit antivirus software claims from your system. It's a shame that so many people are using useless applications such as Symantec antivirus software. The cure is worse than the disease. The funny thing is, viruses don't come to get you, you have to actively infect yourself with them. And, by the time any of these bullshit apps figure out how to deal with ever more masterfully-written viruses, the horse is already out of the barn. But just to be safe, don't use Internet Explorer and don't click on any attachments, and you'll be far more likely to be virus-free than if you're depending on any of these fraudulent applications. Or, you could just get a Mac.


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