Portable Gaming Solutions Will Cram Your 360 Into a Suitcase for $550

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Sometimes it's nice to just sit and consider exactly why you don't do so many of the things that you don't do. (That's why I don't tie my nipples to doorknobs! Of course!) This is a useful exercise that the guy behind Portable Gaming Solutions has apparently never tried. As a result, he is offering to convert your perfectly functional Xbox 360 into a strange-looking laptop for more than the cost of the original console.

Ben Heck's previous efforts reflect a great deal of ingenuity and were skillfully executed. The results were interesting, but mainly as a feat of engineering and design. PGS will do a similar mod for anyone who is willing to cough up the cash, but the end product is more functional than it is attractive. And by functional I mean, well, it functions. To give the company credit, though, you can still connect to external displays and the prospect of (giant, hulking, hot) in-car Xboxing, which PGS claims is possible, is somewhat exciting. See the video below. [PGS via Engadget]