Portable "Snail" Cooking Device Clamps Onto Sides of Pots or Mugs to Heat Them

Every year Electrolux's Design Lab competition throws up some amazing inventions, but sadly most never make it further than the designer's CAD program. This year's winner is a nifty portable magnetic induction heater for heating up pots, pans and mugs.

It could save money in the home, by cutting down on electricity or gas when firing up the ol' stove, and could have nice repercussions for the environment too. Working just like a magnetic induction stove, only smaller, it can be placed on the side of something like a pot or pan to heat up the contents. Sensors would be able to recognize what type of food is being cooked, adjusting the temperature and time accordingly.


The Snail has netted designer Peter Alwin (from the National Institute of Design in India) a prize of €5,000 and paid six-month internship at Electrolux's design center. [Electrolux Design Lab]

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