Possible iPhone 3G 2009 Compared to Shiny iPhone 3G

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MacRumors is claiming that this may be the new iPhone 3G 2009, which looks more or less like the current one, but with a matte finish. I hope it's true, because I love the dark gun finish.


iPod Observer and MacRumors already posted a photo of part of this case back in February. Back this Wednesday we published photos of what may be original parts for the iPhone 3G 2009, available for sale now by a Chinese wholesaler.

I don't know if this is going to be its final appearance, but I certainly hope it is. In fact, if it's real I wish that's some kind of black rubber. [MacRumors]



yes please

i've about had it with glossy finish on every gadget or whatever that comes out these days... to be sure, it has its places like on the frame of a TV... but on somethin you handle on a regular basis, it just looks horrible after even a few hours