Wholesaler China Ontrade.com has posted parts from the next-generation iPhone 3G 2009: The LCD screen and the middle internal bezel. They even have pictures comparing the new parts to the old ones:

The wholesaler says the following in their site:

This is great honor for China Ontrade (HK) chinaontrade.com to be the 1st started to supply iphone 3gen 2009 parts directly from factory


It looks like the web site and the new parts are legit, but who knows. They also sell every single spare iPhone 3G part you can imagine—as well as original factory parts for Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, MacBooks, and even Nintendo. They claim the new iPhone 3G 2009 parts will ship "within 5 to 12 working days."

Click to viewAs expected, there is no OLED screen in sight. Unless they have another product using the OLED, which I highly doubt. [Chinaontrade via iPhone-Ticker]