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I don't quite get this one. It appears that there is some sort of powdered alcohol called Sub You—WTF?—available for KIDS TO BUY AND DRINK AND KILL THEMSELVES WITH but I don't quite understand how or why it works. Can you "powder" alcohol? I mean, I don't really care that people are up in arms about it. I'm just stuck on the idea that you can make your own spirits out of pixie dust. Sounds kind of urban legendish to me.


Experts Warn About Powdered Alcohol [RealTechNews]

UPDATE - A real person who knows chemistry, David, writes:

I'm a big fan of your site. I'm also a chemistry professor.

Alcohol's active ingredient is ethanol (CH3-CH2-OH). Ethanol is a volatile liquid— meaning that it evaporates much more readily than water, or even than rubbing alcohol (aka isopropanol). So the short answer to your question is no, "subyou" cannot be a powdered form of ethanol because ethanol at room temperature is a liquid (and a short-lived one at that). However, subyou could be say 95% filler (sugar?) which has been mixed with a small amount of ethanol (your link suggests 4.8% ethanol by volume). Given that this amount of alcohol, even if one were to eat the powder straight, is only 9.6 proof "alcohol", I'm skeptical that it's as powerful as the website would like us to believe. It would be more efficient to get a buzz from dropping a bit of Everclear into your favorite liquid. That said, reformulating ethanol into a physical form that bypasses alcohol tax combined with advertising aimed at customers of questionable legal drinking age is pretty unsavory.

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