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Powerful drill turns metal into molten metal as it drills

The Formdrill cuts through all kinds of metal with friction energy, which means that not only is a hole drilled out but a sort of thick metal ring is created around the hole too. ARVADEST writes, “the increased material thickness provides additional strength and mostly eliminates the need for inserted bushings or welded nuts.”


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Two thoughts:

  1. That is pretty fricking cool. Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Certainly does enlarge the contact area of a threaded hole in hollow stock.
  2. Any metallurgists out there know how much that extreme heat might weaken the base metal? I don’t remember a lot of my materials science class, but I would think that this could really screw up the crystalline structure of steel and make it much softer or possible more brittle.

One bonus thought: Cool soundtrack. Second bonus thought: I wonder if James Bond ever got strapped to a table with a super-villain about to friction-hole him to death. Maybe the plot of Spectre?