Prada II Phone Comes With a Swanky Little Bluetooth Watch

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Apparently it was optimistic to expect Prada to understand the difference between a fashion accessory and a phone accessory, because now look what's happened: Prada and LG have announced the Prada Link, a Bluetooth watch that pulls text messages and your call information from the Prada II phone. To be honest though, it doesn't look so bad. The stylish Link has a tiny little OLED screen that displays the content of text messages, call history data, a call rejection option and, of course, the time. The only downsides are the 48-hour battery life, which leaves you latching your watch to the phone for charging every couple days, and the lack of a US release date. It's not yet clear if the watch will come with the phone for free, but considering that similar watches have retailed for around $400, I'd guess not. [Prada via Akihabara]


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Huell Howitzer

It's a pretty good looking watch- the standard billet metal block with a wide black band typical of high end digital fashion watches these days...nothing wrong with that.

48 hour battery life isn't so big an issue either because I'm not going to sleep with the watch on my wrist.

The big obvious downside is folks who collect watches like me who don't want to wear the same watch every day.