Pranking people into thinking you're an Apple Store employee is funny

When you walk inside an Apple store and start swiping one of their iPads, a clingy, colorful shirt wearing person usually attaches themselves to you and gives you the verbal rubdown of the features. It's part of the Apple Store experience! But what if that Apple Store employee was a fake? What if they scared you away with rumors of diseased products, advice to buy Android phones and unbelievable steals? Well, it'd be pretty damn funny.

Tyler Fischer did just that for Prank Riot. He dressed up as an Apple Store employee (which is not hard to do at all) and simply walked up to any customer in the Apple Store and began spewing his mouth. Some of the jokes don't land but it's absolutely tickling fun to see people nodding their head in agreement on an Apple device's ability to send dick picks and worry about a polio outbreak.

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Nothing to See Here!

I get that it's a joke, but why does Apple always get shit for yearly refreshes? When a lot of companies do the exact same thing, some even have loads of categories/ranges which they update throughout the year making it extra confusing on which one is best to buy at a specific time.

I prefer the simple yearly refresh rather than the 'here's a billion products you need to research to find the one that's going to not be updated for another year' game.