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Pre-Damaged Luggage Makes a Baggage Handler's Job So Much Easier

Illustration for article titled Pre-Damaged Luggage Makes a Baggage Handlers Job So Much Easier

The staff at your local airport responsible for getting your bags onto a plane in a timely manner are particularly skilled at damaging and destroying even the most rugged of suitcases. So why not beat them to the punch with pre-distressed luggage that looks like it's already been through countless flights—at least two.


Available in four different sizes and six different colors starting at $135, the hardside Crash Baggage luggage comes pre-dinged and dented so you really don't have to worry how it will be handled once it disappears into the bowels of an airport. Its creator claims it also makes it easier to spot your bags on a luggage carousel, but that feature's a tough sell given every bag looks like it's been through World War II after a flight. [Crash Baggage via Cool Material]

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Stuart Cooper

This is even weirder than the current crazy fad of paying ~$15 to cling-wrap your luggage.

Your luggage is there to protect and hold the stuff you're travelling with, you don't need to cling wrap the luggage itself!