Pre-Ordering this Interactive Yoda Is as Close as You'll Ever Get to Jedi School

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First revealed back in February shortly after Toy Fair 2015, we now know quite a few more details about Spin Master’s interactive Legendary Yoda toy thanks to Walmart who’s finally made it available for pre-order and officially available on September 4—AKA Force Friday.


Standing 16-inches tall, the Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda can’t walk, but he can spin a full 360 degrees, move his arms in order to wield a glowing lightsaber (or a cane), speak 115 different phrases, and even recognize your spoken responses.

Powered by 6 C-sized batteries, Yoda also has three different modes of play including Force, Wisdom, and Warrior, depending on where you are in your Jedi training. He can either be docile and wise, reflecting his 800 years of training young padawans, or fierce and ferocious as he teaches you to handle the Jedi’s weapon of choice.


At $180 Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda isn’t exactly a cheap toy, but it’s more affordable than a good college, and a downright bargain compared to flying halfway across the universe to hang out with the real Yoda in some musty old swamp. [Walmart]

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