Predators' Menacing Cast Revealed: Adrien Brody, And Maybe Topher Grace

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Robert Rodriguez has finally announced his team of Predator-fighting action stars, featuring... skinny indie actor Adrien Brody? Jesse "the Body," he is not. Plus Topher Grace might be in the cast as well. Meet the new team of rapscallions.


Back when this film was announced all we asked for was a return to the dirty, bloody, fist-fighting human-versus-alien action epic we know and love. And then we got news that the next addition to the slightly tarnished Predator franchise would feature a bad ass jungle fighting throw down. I was happy. However, today news broke that the team leader of the blood-thirsty murderers, so bad-ass they've been kidnapped from Earth to face the most feared alien monsters of all time, is Adrien Brody. Say what now?

Variety is reporting that Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, Walt Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and Louiz Ozawa are all starring in the new Robert Rodriguez produced Predators film.

The movie will take place on a Predator jungle planet in which a crew of Earth's worst of the worst criminals and killers are shanghaied, and hunted down for sport. But that's not all, according to The Hollywood Reporter: Topher Grace is in negotiations to star as the unassuming serial killer in the bunch.

But before I rant even more, let's speculate on who each character is...

So that's a few seemingly formidable villains, and Topher Grace. And Adrien Brody. These are not the commandos we're looking for. I don't care if they tied up a stack of hookers in their dark basement, Topher and Adrien would die immediately face to hideous face with an actual Predator. Especially against the super steroid Predators we've been promised.


But you know what, I still like what I've heard about the script. Brody can act, and some of these other actors look promising. But I'm not really sure if inner turmoil and character depth is why I pay $10 to see a PREDATOR movie. So, make me eat crow Rodriguez. I'm begging you.



I think they're better off casting Red Foreman than Eric Foreman. At least Kurtwood knows how to be menacing (Robocop.)