(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Remember last week when President Trump’s tweets started to look semi-normal, emphasizing what he saw as the positive things that had happened on his watch? We regret to inform you that the president is back on his bullshit.

In hindsight, it seems foolish that we thought it would go any other way. President Trump has never been able to maintain a modicum of decency for longer than 45 minutes. But there was some speculation that new Chief of Staff John Kelly had perhaps convinced Trump that it was a bad idea to whine on social media about “fake news” and “phony polls.”


President Trump, who’s now on vacation at his golf property in Bedminster, New Jersey, started the morning by attacking The New York Times.

He then went on about the fake news polls (the same polls that Kellyanne Conway admitted were real yesterday) showing that the president’s support among Republicans is dwindling.

Trump then segued into talk of the Russia investigation before getting back into things he saw as strengths that had been enabled by his regime.

And finished that idea off with a claim that his base will always be there for him, through thick and thin.

Then for some reason, Trump started threading his next tweet off his second tweet of the day.

The president insisted that he’s working hard, despite the fact that he’s on a 17-day vacation.

The White House is undergoing renovations, which the Trump regime has used as the lone excuse for his absence from Washington. They keep insisting that he’s not on vacation, despite the fact that he pops up on social media golfing and greeting guests to his property—something that was even used in marketing materials for his golf courses.


“If he is on-site for your big day, he will likely stop in & congratulate the happy couple. He may take some photos with you but we ask you and your guests to be respectful of his time & privacy,” one brochure still circulating as recently as this year said.

Then, at 7:47am ET, Trump sent a direct attack at Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Senator Blumenthal served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve from 1970 to 1976, but was attacked by conservatives in 2008 when he implied that he had gone to Vietnam, which he hadn’t.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Blumenthal was on CNN this morning. Trump has previously insisted that he doesn’t have much time for watching TV despite the fact that he obviously watches cable news TV constantly.

Trump continued tweeting about Blumenthal, saying that “never in US history has anyone lied or defrauded voters” like him.

That, of course, is a pretty bold claim. President Trump received five deferments during the Vietnam War, one for alleged bone spurs in his feet.

Kelly has reportedly been trying to curtail’s Trump’s worst social media tendencies. Multiple news outlets have reported that Kelly now consults with Trump about his tweeting, but there’s been some recognition that he can’t babysit the president 24/7. From Bloomberg:

While Kelly isn’t vetting every presidential tweet, Trump has shown a willingness to consult with his chief of staff before hitting “send” on certain missives that might cause an international uproar or lead to unwelcome distractions, according to three people familiar with the interactions. Kelly has been “offering a different way to say the same thing,” one person said.

That “different way to say the same thing” is definitely in line with speculation from last week that the president was being encouraged to emphasize what he sees as positive developments in the country rather than harping on negative things like “fake news” and “failing” newspapers.


The president’s vacation obviously presents plenty of challenges for Chief of Babysitting Kelly, not least of which is Trump’s desire to tweet between 6:00am and 8:00am Eastern time as he watches Fox News and other morning shows.

And with Stephen Miller in the running to become head of the communications office, it seems unlikely that the White House will truly soften its stance in the near future. If anything, we can probably expect Trump’s messaging, from Twitter to the White House briefing room, to become more caustic as he embraces the Miller-esque parts of his regime.

One need look no further than a video of Miller from high school that surfaced over the weekend where he complains that he shouldn’t have to pick up his own trash since there were janitors for that.

Yes, it seems that President Trump’s claim that he only hires the best people may not have been 100 percent accurate. If anything, Trump hires people like himself. Which is to say those that are entitled, petty, and have a persecution complex.