Pretty Fujitsu Laptop

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The new Fujitsu is, well, really very pretty. It's extremely slim. And it's shiny too. Which I like. Weighing in at 1.38kg, it's got a 10.6-inch, widescreen SXGA display, a lightweight titanium and aluminum case, optical drive, and an optional extra battery pack that'll let you squeeze nearly 10 hours out of your battery. And the extra-added bonus of a fingerprint login feature is always impressive in mixed company. Connectivity options include three conveniently placed USB 2.0 ports, an IEEE 1394 port, S-Video port, audio in and out jacks, modem access and network connections. Just like a good laptop should have.

Fujitsu New LifeBook P7120 - Designed to impress [Hardwarezone]


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