Prevent Imposter Lovers With The Fingerprint Ring

Illustration for article titled Prevent Imposter Lovers With The Fingerprint Ring

Are you paranoid that your lover uses a lookalike stunt double on occasion? That her twin sister shows up instead of her? With the fingerprint ring, you can just compare fingerprints and know when it's the real thing.


All you do is get a kit, imprint your lover's (or even your own) fingers, send it off, and get a custom fingerprint ring in your choice of metals. The message the maker of these trinkets wants to send is that "your lover touching you, holding your finger, always with you," but all I'm hearing is "make sure it's not her sister...make sure it's not her sister!" [Etsy via Make]


Throw in voiceprint analyzing ...ummm.... Tower o' Power ...yeah, go with that... ring and I'm SOLD!