Prisoners Use N64 Rumble Packs For Tattooing

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Not being well-versed in the areas of our penal system...our collective penal system... we had no idea that the N64 rumble pack was huge with prison tattoo artists. A maximum security prison guard recently wrote our sister site Kotaku, and here's what he had to say:

It is actually pretty easy. There are no workshops in maximum security. They do it in their rooms with a battery(power) taped to a tube(could be a pen or a tightly wound piece of paper). The motor from the rumble pack is taken out and attached to the top of the tube. A needle or pin is run down the middle of the tube. when "on" the needle will move up and down like a sewing machine. The needle is then dipped in "ink." This is made a number of ways the easiest is to use ball point pen ink, but they could use other items to get different colors or looks.


Of course, every flaming skull has an uncanny resemblance to a turtle shell.

The Nintendo 64: adored by children and convicts alike. Nintendo really has broken the cultural barriers of gaming and created something...quite special. [kotaku]


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