Prius Turns 10 Years Old

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Hard to believe the face of green cars, the Prius, is 10 years old this month. And it's still so slow. Here, mod yours with a switch to run in purely-EV Stealth mode. [Make and Gizmag]


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@djdare: There are Prii (plural for Prius, I guess) that have been in service as taxis in New York and Canada with well over 200,000 miles on them, battery packs still running without any problems at all. Take your 75,000-mile comment and do some research.

I have to second the opinion of the other Prius owners here in that I love my car. Sure, it can't beat much off the line, but you know, I'm not really in that much of a hurry anyway :) I have to mention that since I've been not jumping off the line at lights, not feeling that I have to pass the car in front of me, basically driving like a sane person, my blood pressure has gone down 12 points. I'll take my 52mpg lifetime average, once every three-week fillup for $30, and be very, very happy.