Click to viewThe Private Cloud is a patented rocking bed by German designer Manuel Kloker. They don't tell the price, but it is real. You buy it and it's supposed to be all like, you know, wheeeeee, and then whoooooo, and then one goes like oh, what about and you are like hmmmyes, which gets into a hummmm oooh hmmm oooh mmmm gooodie and then the other is like oooohNICEyeslikethat and you are both like awwyeah and the bed is doing creak creak creak and suddenly you find yourself into a splooch-flap-splooch-flap-splooch-flap kind of messy situation and the bed keeps going creek-creak-creek-creak-creek-creak and then it's all gets into a ooooooh-my-godddd-SPLASSSSH-bufffff pant pant pant explosion which ends in a few smooch smooch smooch and zzzzzzzz.


You go zzzzzzz, because business hours are over, baby. [Private Cloud]

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