Progressive Wake Alarm Clock

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I didn't think it was possible, but this alarm clock is pretty badass. Yes, as of today alarms can now officially be badass. Rather than jolting yourself out of deep R.E.M. sleep with an annoying buzz, this alarm clock uses a 30-minute long process to gently awake the individual by tantalizing the senses.

At 30 minutes from the desired alarm time the wake process will begin with the lights glowing softly. Tthe clock will then begin to slowly heat aromatherapy beads releasing a scent and 15 minutes before wake time the alarm clock will begin playing nature noises. All of these different methods get louder/brighter/more intense as it gets closer to the wake time. It even looks pretty cool. The Progression Wake Up Clock is available for $50 and would be excellent for the morning grump—like myself.


Product Page [Via Coolest-Gadget]