Prosthetic Nipples Add That Winter Glow All Year Long

Illustration for article titled Prosthetic Nipples Add That Winter Glow All Year Long

Even with a perfect figure, it can be difficult to draw attention in the era of outpatient cosmetic surgery. Luckily the Nipple Pheromone is here to help.

If ditching the bra and dropping the ambient temperature to a brisk 35 degrees hasn't done the trick, or if nature has simply not provided you with nipples that can protrude sensually from your otherwise PG business casual sweater, the Nipple Pheromone can level the playing field so you can compete with that new, hot cleavage chick from HR. After all, you are an educated, hard-working, handsome man. And dammit, you deserve that promotion. [Tokyo Times]

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Oh, yet another one of those little private questions that run through a guy's head when checking out a woman.

Does she dig me?

Is she really a dude? God I hope not cuz I'm pitchin' a tent here

Are her boobs real?

Does she like LEGO?

Will she blend?

Will she, for one, welcome her woo-pitchin' overlord?

Are her nipples real??