Protect Your External Hard Drive from Lizards and Dirt and Destruction

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External hard drives are wonderful for all our gigabytes of tasteful porn and legally downloaded media, but what happens when you drop one? Your data might die. You spent a long time hoarding that stuff! Give it a nice shield.

Western Digital's $30 Nomad case is rugged enough for drops, debris, putting a stiff polycarbonate shell and elastomer cushioning between your precious files and the natural world. Provided your precious files are on a Western Digital My Passport drive.


It's even got a little clip for you to attach it to your belt, as is the style of the day (or someday). And if you should need to transfer some stuff in the midst of your hail storm/blizzard/dust vortex, you can just flip open a little USB port-sized hatch and plug on in. [Western Digital via Ubergizmo]