Illustration for article titled Prove That Not All Giz Readers Are Slobs with Photos of Your Epic Workspaces

So last week we wanted to see your disgusting desks. It was… horrifying. To get a better taste in our mouths, lets see who has the most impressive workspace.


Have multiple monitors? Multiple desks? Some sort of elaborate, Rube-Goldberg-style hot chocolate machine? I want to see it. Take a picture of your supremely impressive workspace/nerd cave and send it in to me at by next Tuesday morning. Use the subject line Impressive Workspace, and name your file FirstnameLastname.jpg so we know who to give credit to.

And hey, if someone from last week's contest is motivated to get their shit together and enter this one, that would be pretty amazing. Like HGTV stuff, right? Anyhow, let's see your desks!

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