PS3 in Spring 2006

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Looks like the our upcoming Winter months will be spent staring idly at this image, rubbing our arms raw, and dreaming of Blu-Ray goodness. According to this slide, taken by one of our Bothan spies, many of whom died to get this information, the PS3 will be available in Spring 2006. This means that the XBox 360 will have a nice head start, provided it comes out on November 4th. It will definitely be a rough holiday season for the original XBox and PS2, but that's to be expected.

Playstation 3 Officially Launches Spring 2006 [ImportGameBlog via Kotaku]



KP: Don't know about the authenticity of that still on PS3 in Spring post. It's pretty fake. Giz: looks like a crappy powerpoint presentation KP: Perspective is wrong on lettering. Giz: it's pretty sharp Giz: and looks kind of rendered Giz: oh well