PS3 to Hook Up With Your Cellphone

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The Remote Play functionality on the PS3/PSP is great, but Sony intends to extensively develop the feature set for broader external connectivity. Sony's CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, appeared in Tokyo and detailed how Sony intends to push the ever-booming success of the PS3. It is Sony's vision that the PS3 will eventually be able to link up to mobile phones, streaming all kind of media goodness on the go. As you can imagine, the very prospect has our PSP phone speculation senses running into overdrive.

The planned connectivity expansion is due to begin rolling out, in some form, by April 2008. Sir Stringer told Reuters, "PlayStation Network next year puts us in the direct line of fire with Apple and Microsoft." Competing with Apple and Microsoft, what on Earth could he possibly have in mind? We agree with the fine folks at Game Spot, who theorize the PS3's guns are lining up against iTunes and Xbox Live. What do you guys make of the comment? Just to get the ball rolling, here are a few PSP phone rumors of old. [Game Spot]


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Um I'm sorry to say that some people (if I'm reading correctly) are absolutely RETARDED....

first off PS3s ROCK, I have one and it's the most amazing thing ever.

second, it's not saying that you would be able to answer calls on your f***ing controller, what it's saying is that it will be like the remote play for the psp that the ps3 already has, where you will be able to stream content to and from your ps3 and your phone. So imagine having pics, vids, music, ringtones, whatever you want, and being able to stream them free to your phone or ps3.

I'd say that's a lot more than some stupid 'gee whiz' feature. I'd hella use it. like everyday.

And along with what people said earlier, ps3s ARE backwards compatible, and agreeably they DID look like crap, but now they look better than my ps2 ever did. All thanks to some much needed updates.


The only problem I have with the ps3 is that I think the EYE camera thing is gay. but some ppl like it so there you go!