PSA: The Original Run of Veronica Mars Hits Hulu July 1st

Man, Kristin Bell was young back then.
Man, Kristin Bell was young back then.
Image: Warner Bros.

Detectives are the best. Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Batman. And, of course, Veronica Mars, the legendary Kristin Bell heroine who starred in several seasons of stylized teen television from creator Rob Thomas, along with a movie reboot and an upcoming series reboot.


In advance of that reboot’s release, on July 26th, now’s the perfect time to revisit the soapy splendor of Veronica’s mystery solving, boy-romancing, ass-kicking adventures. Which is likely why Hulu is releasing those first three seasons on its streaming platform on July 1st, as the Verge reports.

Streaming is going to become kind of a nightmare, with our favorite franchises scattered through a cable-television-like selection of proprietary networks run directly by entertainment publishers and conglomerates. But, hey, in the meantime, at least we can rewatch Veronica Mars. 

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Neither the movie, nor the upcoming new season is a reboot. They are continuations of the original show.

By the way, back when it was airing, I was such a fan that I was a member of Mars, where we obsessively listed, like, every single named character and everyone who ever died, but Rob Thomas and company were so nice, they let us visit the set towards the send of Season 3. Which is how I got this:

Yes, that is my ugly mug with Kristen freakin’ Bell. And yes, she is ridiculously nice.

Thank you and good night.