PSA: There's a Fake Instagram For Android That Could Steal Your Information

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We've already seen a fake, malware-spreading version of Angry Birds Space for Android. Now there are reports of a fake, malware-spreading Instagram that's also making the rounds.


The Android world rejoiced a few weeks ago when Instagram was finally made available to them, but according to the security firm Sophos, cyber criminals seized the excitement as an opportunity to distribute a cleverly disguised version of the photo-sharing app. According to the firm, the fake Instagram can send personal information from your phone back to the miscreant devs. But it seems that it shouldn't be too hard to sniff out if you download the wrong Instagram:

In our tests, the app didn't do a very good job of emulating the genuine Instagram app, but that may be because it failed to find the correct network operator. Because this is a malicious app that seems to be relying in the sending of background SMS messages to earn its creators revenue.

In other words, the app can read your text messages and could potentially install malware on your phone. If the newly downloaded Instagram on your Galaxy S II is acting funny, it's probably good to ensure you've got the real app.

The best way to avoid the fake app is to only download Instagram from Google Play, as apps within the marketplace are subject to Google's more stringent vetting. [Sophos via The Next Web via Business Insider]


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Instagram virus/malware you say? Better cover up and get a shot of this on instagram asap. Oh wait..