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Okay, this looks like an accident waiting to happen. The Arkon VG242 windshield mount attaches to your windshield via a strong suction cup, and the neck is flexible to about 360 degrees. Then you clasp your PSP on, and your passengers can attempt to beat your high score in Wipeout Pure. PSP411 insists the mount is strong and won't swivel out of control, but I can't help but think this is just going to cause trouble. I mean, if it mounts to the windshield, it's probably going to be in the view of the driver, which isn't going to be good for driving I imagine. And imagine how silly it'll look for this big ol stick to be sticking out your windshield. But I guess I must not be thinking straight, because PSP411 gave this thing 99/100, calling it near-perfect. Retail price for the mount is $30.

Windshield Mount Review [PSP411]


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