PSPs For Assholes Hold a Shocking Secret

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The gadgets you see above may look like your average Chinese knock-offs, but they hold a most shocking secret. They don't play video games or MP3s, but you would be forgiven if you thought as much. You would not be forgiven if you picked one of these bad boys up, as they'd shock the bejeezus out of you—literally.

Each $3.95 gadget will electrocute anyone who unwittingly tries to utilize them, all in the name of good electro-shocking fun. Bizarrely, the laser point will actually function, where as the others don't. It is not too clear whether it functions whilst delivering a current, but that would make it even more pointless than we initially thought. Smashing. At $3.95, the practical joke is not going to deliver a paralysing blow, but can you afford not to enter the market of electric comedy at that price? [Product Page via Technabob]

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Thanks man. The words "Electrocute" and "Theory" are commonly misused.