Psst...So You Want to Be an Intern?

Ever since I started working for Gizmodo, I've been getting emails asking how to become an intern. Well this is your chance. We're looking for a fresh hire in San Francisco.

This is what you need to know: Basically you will be Brian Lam's bitch. He'll call you all the time, asking you to to come over to pack up his 800th TV he's tested this month, or just to keep him company. The FedEx guy will be your new best friend. But then Lam will let you take breaks to play some Wii and eat (Bread & Water). In addition to helping him out, you'll need to have a car to get around quickly, and be able to write coherently. Here's what he's looking for: A journalism student who's interested specifically in gadget or tech writing, with Photoshop skills, who must be located in San Francisco. All in all you'll be looking at about 20 hours a week, during flexible times.

The good thing? You'll learn a ton about gadget journalism, and you'll eventually get to post on Gizmodo, too. And of course, there are a ton of toys to play with.


Think you got what it takes? Email your resume and a cover letter saying why you should be...The Next Gizmodo Intern.

[Ed: By the way, if you don't meet the location requirements, please don't apply unless you have a helicopter or plane that can drop you off in SF every day.]

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