Illustration for article titled Psystar Ignores Every Lawyer In The Entire World, Debuts New Compact OS X Desktop

Somehow, between filing bogus legal claims and getting sued into oblivion by one of the most powerful companies in the industry, Psystar managed to design another flagrantly-infringing hackintosh desktop—this time, a tiny one.


Called the Open(3), this new PC is a marked departure from the company's clunky past. It's a slimline Core 2 Duo (or Quad) desktop with a respectable standard spec set: the 500GB HDD, 8400GS graphics unit and 2GB of DDR2 RAM are all adequate but upgradeable. At the $600 starting price, a few vitals are missing—wireless, Bluetooth and Blu-ray support, mainly—but at such a low cost, it's hard to complain.

Of course, these products aren't notable for their hardware specs and anyone could easily piece together a similar PC off of Newegg, as I suspect Psystar does. It's the OS that matters here, and true to form, OS X Leopard comes preinstalled on the Open(3), at least for the four days that it's available before Apple's legal hordes descend for the final kill. [Pocket-lint]

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