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Psystar Update: First Pictures of Their Sign

Illustration for article titled Psystar Update: First Pictures of Their Sign

Whoa, we didn't see this one coming. Our tipster Kahri just took this shot of 10475, and it looks like Psystar just put up a "Psystar" vinyl sign in the window and a "Open Computing" on their door. Very interesting.


There've been a couple developments on Psystar since last week we just updated our post with. First, it seems like we've finally found the reason why Psystar changed their address from 10481 to 10475. Second, and this one is unconfirmed so far, but it looks like credit cards submitted to Psystar might be getting weird charges on them. Take a look.

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@DaOtter: maybe that's the answer. They have him buiding the computers and they had to keep moving till they had a big enough building that he didn't hit his head on the light fixtures.

Oh, and he can only count to 10 and they let him process the cards, too.

See? It all makes sense now. And you guys were all claiming fraud.