Pumping 20,000 Volts Into a Watermelon Ends as Spectacularly as You'd Hope

Unlike a battery, which stores power as chemical energy that’s slowly and steadily discharged to keep your gadgets running, a capacitor can unload all of its juice in the blink of an eye. Even a small capacitor has the potential to stop your heart, but when it’s the size of a dishwasher, well, this watermelon demonstrates exactly how destructive it can be.


Fortunately for us, YouTube’s TheBackyardScientist is less interested in conducting experiments that advance science and more into finding ways to blow things up. And by creating what is essentially man-made lightning, this dude’s watermelon didn’t stand a chance.




When he kills himself it will almost certainly be recorded on video.

Has an arrangement been made to publish that fatal video? It should become a public hazard alert that will stand to counter all the stupid ideas he has inspired in daring youngsters through the years.