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Pumpkin Computer: Just Like Mom Used to Make

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's a festive pumpkin computer to scare away the dorks this Halloween. The pumpkin modification started by hollowing out and drying the squash for the night. The next day, fans were stuck into the eyes with the grills screwed directly into the flesh. A Latitude D410 motherboard was then attached to a clipboard and shoved into the "case". Apparently the pumpkin meat makes for good fitting. This baby rocks a Pentium M 1.6ghz processory, 512 DDR2 RAM, DVDR/RW drive and plenty of seeds.

It's too bad that the pumpkin will eventually rot, but then again, by that time (3 weeks) the computer will be obsolete anyway. ZingHit the jump for more pumpkinpics.

Project Page Thanks David!