Punch Someone in the Face with 500,000 Volts of Electricity

Getting socked in the jaw really sucks. But at least you didn't get popped by someone wearing the BodyGuard electro-gauntlet, which combines a laser pointer, video camera, taser, and armored beating-plate into one wonderful little garment.

The BodyGuard offers a non-violent approach. With a laser-sighted camera, police can let baddies know they've been caught on camera. Maybe they'll surrender! Maybe they'll run! Or maybe they'll fight, which, really, is a pretty horrible idea just based on the sight of this terrifying fucking armor sleeve. If they do put up their dukes, they'll be met with an electrode sandwich, leaving them incapacitated and punched—the best of both worlds. Long has man yearned to both beat and electrocute his opponents. The future is now. [PopSci]


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