Pūrleve Automatically Puts Condoms On Knobs

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My job here is done.

OK, it's not. This is the Pūrleve, described by the manufacturer as a hygienic door handle.


As someone who has mastered the art of opening and closing toilet doors without touching the doorknob, I've to admit that the idea of the Pūrleve is a good one: Every time someone uses it, a mechanism will cover the handle with an "antimicrobial-treaded sleeve." In other words: A doorknob condom.

As the company puts it:

Pūrleve reduces the amount of disease-causing germs and bacteria, helping in the global fight against germ cross-contamination.


Yes, yet another product that appeals to the global paranoia about infections and our hysteric need to sterilize the world. As far as I'm concerned, I just think that bathroom doorknobs are gross. [Purleve via Core77]

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check out the book "riddled with life" about humans' love-hate affair with germs. but maybe don't read it in the bathroom if bathroom germs freak you out. it's summer: take the book into the park.