Q Totally Phones in Bond's New Quantum of Solace VAIO

Illustration for article titled Q Totally Phones in Bonds New emQuantum of Solace/em VAIO

Overheard in MI6 4th-floor martini lounge: "Man, it used to be fun heading down to Q's lab. Shit blowing up all the time, everyone just grinning and shaking their head knowingly (oh, James) when I accidentally incinerated prototype after expensive and high-time-investment prototype. Now? Dude's just going to down to the high street shops and slapping some logos on. Look at this laptop—it's garden variety Z-series: 13.3 inches, Core 2 Duo, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, 3G connection, Blu-ray. And he's billing M £3,000 ($5,300) for it. Same for my phone. I mean, they're nice and all, but WTF?" [Gadget Review, T3]


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Set back and take a deep breath.Wate a few mounths and maybe just maybe someone will really come up with something New and usable. lol Instead of repackaging and old product in a different colored box.