Qualcomm's Toq Smartwatch: $350, Available December 2nd

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Qualcomm's rather lovely looking Toq Smartwatch—which seems miles better than Samsung's Galaxy Gear—will be available from December 2nd, and it'll cost a princely $35o.


The watch—which packs a Mirasol display, wireless charging and stereo Bluetooth audio—was originally a proof-of-concept to be shown off to OEMs. But now Qualcomm has decided that it's time to stop lurking in the shadows and release the thing itself. Back in June, we looked at a prototype and said:

As there's no Wi-Fi radio, data connection, speakers or camera, it may not be as fully-specced as Samsung or Sony's efforts, but I found that refreshing — others who actually see the point to these smartwatches may not agree. But I will admit that being able to view music controls and skip tracks etc with a few swipes on your wrist is rather tantalising.

With any luck, this final model will be better than the Galaxy Gear—though, in reality, that's probably not hard to achieve. Whether it's worth the $350? That remains to be seen. [PR Newswire via Engadget]



I understand Giz has a sponsored hate for all thing Samsung, but a smart watch with "no Wi-Fi radio, data connection, speakers or camera" cannot really be called smart. Combine that with the fact that it does not even exist as a consumer product yet, and one has to wonder if the author is a 'smart blogger'.