Question of the Day: Do Hourly Time Machine Backups Piss You Off?

Lately I've been getting really annoyed at Time Machine. It's running over the network to a Time Capsule, so it's basically got free rein to backup whenever it damn well pleases, or specifically once per hour, at a time of its own choosing. The result is a sudden system and network slowdown when I'm in the middle of doing stuff. Yesterday, Time Machine caused me to perform a forced reboot—in the middle of a conference call.

During the day I work with images, videos and other largish files, many of which get deleted and need no local backup. I let this slide earlier, thinking Steve J's keep-it-simple strategy made sense. But now I yearn for a backup program that at least lets me set blackout times (say, my usual working hours) where I don't have to deal with manually shutting down an in-progress backup. Or worse, having to reboot everything because the slow-down didn't go away. Before I try this Lifehacker freeware Time Machine tip that Chen has graciously bestowed upon me, I have to ask, am I the only one who feels this way? Or...


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