Question of the Day: Do You Actually Want a Tiny Laptop?

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Man, people are super duper excited about tiny notebooks. At least you'd think so, judging by the tsunami of stuff coming out this week. So, while we might not be able to agree on what to call these things yet, let's start with the most basic question: Do you actually want one, and what for?


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I like them. It's not portable if I have to carry an additional piece of luggage for them. If it won't fit in my man purse then I wouldn't think of taking it with me anywhere. The Thinkpad X30 and newer all just barely fit and exclude taking just about anything else besides a portable hard drive, a notebook, a few pens and a bottle of asprin. So anything smaller that has the battery power to be able to omit an AC adapter is great. They've always been available, but they were expensive. Sony has made some great small stuff in the past but at 2500.00+ they were never in my price range. Optical drives are nice for installing OSs and such, but I'm starting to get over them.