Question of the Day: Do You Use an All-You-Can-Eat Subscription Music Service?

I've never really understood music subscription services. Despite the conveniences, to date I have never, ever felt the need to lease something that can get imprinted on your heart like only music really can. It needs to be mine. But this week rumors kicked up again regarding an iTunes all-you-can-eat subscription-based model coming as early as September-the same rumors we've heard time and time again. While this time around the whispers are shaky at best, this rumor just won't die, and it's not a complete impossibility that it someday may actually happen. A lifetime iTunes subscription may be the one thing that could change my subscription-hatin' ways (maybe). Is there anyone else with me? Who else doesn't really buy the whole subscription model, and if not, would an all-you-can-eat iTunes change your mind? Me being an all-you-can-eat hater (not of the buffets, of course) does come from the somewhat hypocritical position of someone who, ahem, occasionally pirates music. And I don't think I'm alone here; once we all discovered you can find an instant high-speed download link to just about any album after less than five minutes of Googling with almost no exceptions, it's hard not to succumb. With a music subscription you can at least pretend like you're supporting the artists you love, but in the end, your $20 a month is far less potent than buying the records you love on vinyl or a T-shirt straight from the band, or going to a show and bringing all your friends. Also, I use iPods. There isn't an elegant all-you-can-eat solution there yet, but an unlimited iTunes subscription would change the scenario. And if it was for life, like some of the rumors have mentioned, well, we've got a tough decision on our hands. So today's question is an epic three-parter (this has been on my mind for a while). First:


For those in the "hell no" category:

And finally:


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