Question of the Day: How Much Wireless Data Do You Actually Use?

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AT&T has killed off its unlimited data plan, which seems really terrible for consumers. But then I checked my actual data usage and found it to be much lower than I expected, which will end up saving me $15/month.

If you're a heavy 3G data user, you're probably as pissed off as Matt right now about AT&T's move to end unlimited data plans. But for light users like myself, it's actually going to cut the price of my data plan in half, as I've never come close to using 250MB a month.


Of course, I don't have a 3G iPad, nor do I use tethering, both of which would surely send my data usage skyrocketing. And I wonder if my relatively low data usage history has more to do with me not even trying to use AT&T's shoddy service in NYC when I'd like to.

So while this will save me money in the short term, there's a definite possibility that I'll want to increase my usage in the future. And while 2GB will be more than enough for how I currently use my phone, if I want to do more, it's frustrating to not have the option.

So what's your data usage look like? Will AT&T's move help you or hurt you?


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Don't know whats wrong with the left side of the chart (i guess AT&T didn't think they would ever need to make the chart so big)