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Quick News: 100 HDTV Channels and More DRM-Free Music Talk

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How does 100 HDTV channels sound? Well, according to Time Warner Cable, that's how much bandwidth would be available if they were able to turn off analog programming in Staten Island.

And speaking of Time Warner, they have partnered up with FON to allow their Internet subscribers to officially start sharing their Internet bandwidth.


Amazon looks to be the latest company trying to get in on the "no more DRM" action. There have been reports that Amazon has been conversing with numerous major labels.

HP is suing Acer for patent infringement, again. This time HP is looking to have Acer banned from US sales, due to their patent negligence.


Vertical Computer Systems looks to be getting on the patent lawsuit bandwagon as well. VCS claims that Microsoft's .NET violates their patent for "a system and method for generating websites in an arbitrary object framework".