Quick News: Ebay, Same-Sex Elf Marriage, and More

For those of you who still haven't linked up their TiVo boxes to Amazon Unbox, you might want to right now. Since today is the last day to get a $15 UnBox credit for doing so.

Yahoo's picking up the remaining 80% of online advertiser Right Media, for $680 million. That looks like chump change compared with the $3.1 billion Google put down for DoubleClick.


The MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online, has decided to scrap a feature allowing you to get married. Why? The designers were wasting too much time deciding whether a hobbit should be allowed to marry a dwarf, or if a guy elf could get hitched to another guy elf.

No more posting ugly screen captures of eBay pages. The online auction site announced ToGo eBay widgets. Now you grab a fully active mini capture of any auction that you want to keep tabs on or show off.

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